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A few short facts about myself:

- Yes, I am a woman
- I am Dutch
- I am over 30 years old
- I am married to an Alien in the Netherlands (i.e. an Englishman)
- I (and ofcourse my hubby) have 2 cats in the house
- I like anything that has a link to Dragons
- I write fantasy stories
- My favourite movie is The Crow (with Brandon Lee)
- My favourite colour is purple
- My favourite food is jacket potato
- My favourite genre book is fantasy
- I don't like pea soup
- I don't like macaroni
- I don't like people who are inconsiderate
- I don't like bumper stickers (you know, those people who think they have ample time to hit the breaks even if they are only 50cm from your rear bumper!)
- I don't like people who don't respect the traffic rules
- I don't like people who think hurting other people or animals is a form of entertainment

There is more where that came from... :)

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From: Saga Musix
22:37 on 23rd April 2009
Saga Musix

Hi! That avatar looks familiar... :)

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