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Hey there! Welcome on Saxbryn's humble user page :)

Having played around with trackers since about 2005, I started to put simple tracks together in 2007 and have been occasionally composing until the present day. Since I've never really consecrated myself to the matter, I'm still unexperienced and really haven't learnt the craft of creating polished, professionally sounding pieces yet. I appreciate any kind of constructive critisism and am not afraid of hard words, as long as they, ahem, punch me another step forward ;)

Some more, not-quite-so relevant infos:

I have tried a couple of Windows Trackers such as Milky Tracker, Renoise, Madtracker and, well, quite the remaining bunch that's out there, but in practice, I have confined myself on Modplug Tracker due to its user-friendly windows-ish interface. My preferred module type is IT.

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