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  • 3rd May 2014
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Also known as :
Psychopatic NerD

I was surprised to discover one of my old mods in here so I thought, why not putting the rest. Those had a kind of local BBS popularity back then. Most of my modules were done in the 1990-1995 period and were typical dance or rave works. The rest was pretty much actual songs remakes, remixes or mixes... Not of great interest nowadays.

I sold my Amiga and switched back and forth to a mix of software and hardware synths since those years. If you want to listen to my newer (and hopefully more interesting) music, head to psychnerd.ca...

You may also head to AmigaRemix to check some of my MOD remixes and to scenesat.com to listen to shows I do from time to time.

Thanks for your interest. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know anything!

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From: PsychNerD To: m0d
06:18 on 27th January 2015

m0d: Not much, sorry about it, digged into the archives and didn't found much !

Re: Got any more modules to upload? :)

From: m0d
05:10 on 3rd May 2014

Got any more modules to upload? :)

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