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Hi! I Like My Life!
Go for a walk without my knife!
I gotta wife! Oh my!...
It gonna be the freestyle!
I have calling on my mobile-
I don't like to write the music in the headphones!
I make the beat!
I have world speed
near 10 megabits!
And in my Country
One hundred megabits
and by internet i send some music shit!
Than listen it
Anybody! And say: Oh god it...
amazing or ugly trash
I haven't cash from my music!
I haven't hash! I don't use it!
But I wanna have some comments:
Shity or good, flowers or vomit!
Coming! I waiting
You can love or hate it!
But I hate ignore: when going on
Download and nobody wrote!

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From: Drozerix
00:34 on 20th July 2012

nice tunes brah. your sound is good and has a real feel to it.

From: aprocks
07:17 on 8th January 2010

Hey! Little n Big Guys!!! If you download my f@cking music from this Amazing site please let's write some words about it, ok? Thank You!

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