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Hey been a while well Zul's the name and Mods are ma game.

I love listening to them, love being a reviewer and listening to all the new compositions that everyone comes up with, been learning how to make my own when time allows.

I hold several degrees and certification in computers. and coming to T.M.A is like coming home I can relax and listen to the music I enjoy listening to so if I don't post much I am not being anti-social I am reviewing a mod,s3em,xm,it. and see what it is like seeing what has be done technically to produce the MOD.

I listen lots of music ON here and offline Sound finally decided to do something and got a and MA in composing So now I go the computers and the Music Composing and Production. Mod Archive has been a really big influence. Thanks all

I have an old Amiga 4000 that I am slowly bringing back to life. and also 2 C64s and 2 C128 yeah I hold on to the oldies :) can't beat that old skool sound,I also teach advance classes on computer forensics. well see you around...


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From: Zul
04:42 on 10th September 2022

Man it has been to long hope all of you are okay, look forward to getting back into the groove.. peace ✌️

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