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Artist Statistics

  • i Modules in Archive: 354
  • i Overall Member Rating: 7.9 (from 51 comments).
  • i Overall Reviewer Rating: 7.6 (from 2 reviews).
  • i Total Downloads: 114594
  • i Stats Updated: 2020-09-30 05:05:00
  • information icon Modarchive ID: 81333

Maran Project was spotlit on:

  • 7th February 2014
  • 10th November 2011
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Short History

1997 - first contact with Fasttracker2
2001 - first radio jingles created with Fasttracker2
2005 - first songs created with Skale Tracker
2007 - start using signature as "Maran Project"
2015 - start using signature as "mpxvm"
1997 to present - using FT2/Milkytracker

For News and Latest Tracks visit my youtube profile:

Maran Project's messages

Last 10 messages:
From: MellowNoiseKiev
22:30 on 20th July 2020

heyyy !!!
full tune with voice (russian style)
made on OpenMPT )))


From: govatsapadam
12:06 on 1st February 2020

Hi Maran. Just wanted to say thank you for listening to my mods, and have a good day! :)

From: Katie Cadet
22:29 on 28th September 2019
Katie Cadet

Thanks for favouriting my tunes! I really appreciate the feedback on all my song creations from the late 2000s and beyond! It really helps me get back at composing more tunes in the future! You are free to remix any of my tunes if you'd like! I always like remixes of my older and current tunes! Anyways, Thank you so much for the favouriting! Take care!

From: gambit - ben yosef
15:04 on 19th March 2019
gambit - ben yosef

thank's for the favor(rates)
i appricate that ...

please listen 2 my "latest project"
(((they wont let post it on "sound-cloud"
due copyright...and they're right...
but i still need some opnion's )))


From: Psirius
12:30 on 13th October 2018

:) :) :) :)

From: Psirius
23:59 on 22nd March 2018

Hey Maran! I am not very given time to write messages, and now that I can, and I have more time I'd rather be creating, so if I do reply to all, and to look at a lot of jobs, does not advance. But some day I will be saying something. You make a point, because I see that I've rated quite a few jobs and to thank you personally. Here you have a friend for when I need it. a greeting, strength and inspiration for all artists!

From: Maran Project
09:13 on 20th February 2014
Maran Project

Yesterday I start my first chiptune song or at least something that sounds like a chiptune. The amazing part is that, meantime I got another song idea wihch can be also performed as chiptune, trance tune or dubstep tune :D

From: DigiDz
17:37 on 13th June 2012

thank you for the favourites! ^^

From: Maran Project To: Peak
13:23 on 10th June 2012
Maran Project

Peak: I publish the xm remix file and it is on pending, probably next week will be listed on modarchive :)

Re: Wow! Your cracks and chips remix was awesome. Keep up the good work.

From: Peak
01:27 on 6th June 2012

Wow! Your cracks and chips remix was awesome. Keep up the good work.

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