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  • 20th May 2014
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Hi there, I wish I was more socially active but this wall of text will have to do.

It's been, like, 6 years I think... DAMN. But yeah, I'm still fine using the tracker format to make music. I mean OpenMPT man, it's awesome, lightweight, simple, comfy and easy to wear.
I upload stuff here from time to time, like, "tracker-compatible" versions of some of the songs I make and stuff like that (Because I usually overuse VSTis, and you know they're not part of the tracker format but rather a modern-day "extension" to it).

Most of my tracks here are VERY old, (and horrible but EH, they're still here for anyone to hear). Really, the first ones are, like, direct MIDI conversions and shit.

Anywys, thank you for visiting my profile! Have a cookie!

Some highlights:
Pnickies1 (pxf_pnickies1.it)
Varicap (pxf_varicap.it)
Glitch 3 (Eliminator) (pxf_glitch3.it)
FLY BY (pxf_flyby.it)
Fm7 (tracker-friendly) (fm7.it)
Sth along the lines of 13 (something_along_the_lines_of_tr3c3.it)
Bookmarks (bookmarks_chiptune_version.it)
I've decided that I'll prefix all my modules with pxf_ from now on.

8-bit NES-stylized stuff:
1_velero_llamado_libertad (pxf_unvelerollamadolibertad8bit.it)
Cancion del Jacarand√° (pxf_jacaranda8bit.it)
Tren Lechero 8BIT (pxf_trenlechero8bit.it)

aLGO ESTA CAMBIANDo (algoestacambiando8bit.it) (Remix of this)
Party Rock Anthem PXFV (partyrock.it) (Remix of this)
ready 4 the good times (ready4thegoodtimes8bit.it) (Remix of this)
Hijo de la Luna 8BIT (hijodelaluna8bit.it)

And the rest of the things I uploaded in the past are just crap don't listen to them they might hurt your ears lolol

youtube : http://www.youtube.com/elpatrixf
soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/elpatrixf

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From: Drozerix
01:52 on 23rd July 2012

hey man i love your 8bit remixes! they're awesome lol. fun to listen to.

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