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I started tracking in 1992 on an Atari Mega ST (mixing capability: 11kHz, 6bit, mono). Some two years later, I got my first Intel PC and switched to tracking with FastTracker2. This went nicely until there was no way to run Win98 safely on an AthlonXP. At that time, I learned to use ModPlugTracker and today, I'm totally into MadTracker and VSTis.
My uploads to the ModArchive stem from all episodes of my tracking, most prominently from the FT2 period. I hope you enjoy the tunes!

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From: Impaler
20:00 on 10th January 2013

Fucking old school, thumbs up !!!

From: Drozerix
22:54 on 19th March 2012

Np man! your music is freakin' awesome!

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