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I used to create modules with ImpulseTracker between 1998 and 2002. Sadly, I lost inspiration one day. So today I concentrate on administering my "legacy" ...

Maybe some day I will start tracking again, if I can find my way into Renoise ...

P.S.: Many of the tracks in my profile may have more sentimental value to me personally than any value at all to a potential audience ... so be warned :-) But I think there are some among them which are quite listenable. Good luck finding the few ;-)

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From: Silencio
11:35 on 22nd February 2011

I will from now on regularly upload select files from my Impulse Tracker module legacy. The files will be uploaded in alphabetic order. (How simple is that?) Not all of these will be great tunes, some might actually be very early crap, but I want the archive to be as complete as possible. The scene has given so much to me while I was an active member, now I want to give something back.

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