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Firstly I love music and being able to express that is awesome! :) I'm 29yo from Australia and have been writting tracks since I was 14yo. My infuences come from Purple Motion, Necros, Skaven and the likes.
Over time I progressed from your kinda traditional tracker style tunes to PsyTrance and other forms of Trance/Electronica. I grew to know groups like Astral Projection, MFG and Etnica. This lead to a majorly different sound. You will noticice that tunes pre 2000 were mostly very progressive and didn't rely on a 4/4 beat.
I've played a few gigs in my time. The most memorable would have to be Mysterium! I still get tingles thinking about how I packed the dance floor and had the peeps go off! :)
For those who are new to the scene: keep at it - its probably one of the most rewarding pass times ive ever been a part of!
Feel free to use my tracks for anything and everythings but just don't try and turn a buck without my permission I kinda like the free idea and would like to keep it that way >:?


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