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Undoubtedly in general, the audition through the speakers and especially through the headphones at home, in the car, on the street or even in the club, is stereophonic. The appearance of stereo recordings was, with years before, as the appearance of color television. The same happened with Audio CD. You probably remember the badly recorded audio compact cassettes or even the original ones played on a poor quality cassette player. Then the new dimensions of sound and music have been rediscovered.

The vinyl, despite its exceptional quality, remains a quite retro music environment. Recordings made on professional studio reel tape recorders, which are still used today to remix some famous albums along with the quadrophonic experiments of the ’70s, have been an attempt to bring the space sensation into the musical sphere. But the true evolution has been through 5.1 surround sound technologies proposed by Dolby Digital and DTS Surround, and lately through lossless Dolby TrueHD updated with Atmos extension, DTS-HD Master Audio with DTS:X and three layers immersive spatial field of Auro-3D.

You don’t need golden ears to hear the difference, you just need an open mind. When the CD standard was established 40 years ago, we thought that we’d cracked it, but science and technology have moved on. Back then, we were watching VHS, now the 8K video is on the horizon! We knew that CD quality would capture the frequency range of human hearing, but we were oblivious to our hearings true potential. Recent studies have revealed our sensitivity to timing information in audio - this makes sense when you think of how we can pinpoint an audio source with our eyes closed.

For sure the surround sound combined with the lossless high-resolution audition introduces you into a world of perfection, it reveals a realistic acoustic experience that will change your way of perceiving music. If you have a well-equipped high quality Home Theater system, acoustically calibrated, this is your chance to be part of the future of music and to hear the sound of the technological revolution, to listen my music as I have imagined, to close your eyes and leave you totally immersed into the PURE AUDIO.


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