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Hello ppl.

started making mods on the amiga a500 in 1987. and havnt stopped. tho only a small portion still exist. but i will rebuild my empire. just u wait and see

ive had many handles over the years. so dont expect me to be credited under the same names in these few tunes. i now go under the name Synethesia of RiFT. but i started out under the name DAG of CATS. ive also used the names: bassline, sickman, meek, meeksta, bex, bexta, bextula, and Asherah

i hav gender issues (i was born intersexed and now identify as non binary) so also dont expect my gender identity to be stable thruout this history

but plz enjoy the tunes yall

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From: Synesthesia of RiFT
10:04 on 18th January 2020
Synesthesia of RiFT

great my pic wont change. SAGA!!!!!

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