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It was a dark and stormy night...

Back in the day in the beginning of 90's a boy who decided to create some tracks with his Amiga 500 and ProTracker. Mostly hardcore and gabber in the early days... brainless banging of distorted bass drums. Nothing special left to be told to following generations. This was somewhat between 1994-95... ish...

In 1996 the Amiga was replaced by a PC and eventually there was music again. ProTracker was replaced by FastTracker II. Music mellowed out and was more house, minimalism and breakbeat in stylewise. These were followed by sessions in psytrance/goa and drum&bass... also virtual synthesizers - such as Re-Birth - began to find their way into use...

Then. Before the end of the millenium, there was nothing. Boy had become a man, graduated and started working as a software developer... after few years of silence there's been some experiments with Ableton Live and Renoise, but nothing serious stuff... so far... story might continue some day... maybe...

Handles used on the way: Tecnic, Jay FX, JFX, Ephex


Lately, I've been searching for old mods of mine and my favourite artists from the web. Quite hilarious crap (refering mostly to my old stuff) :)

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