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Hi my name is William. I started to track in 1996. I have been using the name Oxygenfad since then. I am from Canada and am a strict vegetarian (vegan).
My favorite memories of tracking are from when I used to download lot's of mods from the internet and listen to them. Many were grabbed from Modarchive.
I remember really liking this one guy who sampled his own guitar and made Metallica covers. Also the various versions of popcorn were cool.

My advice for young trackers would be to download other peoples work and try to learn from their mods. Pass out demo tapes (or CDRs) and start getting a following amongst your friends at school. It helps. You'll find some pricks (mostly cause they are jealous you are doing something neat) but you'll also get a couple of people who will actually support it .

If anyone wants to contact me feel free to email me.

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