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what i remember...

born in 1732 , as joao filipe gonçalves,

i was given by god, a gift of music.

i am a musician! also i direct and write movies.

i am a part of the scene. i loved computers since i was a kid,

i love electronics, and chips, technology. i love more the old 486 than

the new pc's. its bit over the top nowadays.

i started tracking in 93, with FT, and then some ST3, and later, the most: FT II.

i composed MOD's and XM's until 2000, and then I swtiched to ORION PRO,

and professional synths. I learned from the scene, and from You!

also I'd like to thank the ppl from the scene, composers, programmers, the lot.

I am a happy guy. I love music and image.

It's my life.


johnny ice aka the phoenix

for some of my music:





Let's share !!! It's all about the LOVE !!!

Feel it.

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From: eldorado
23:03 on 16th November 2011

hello to all the people making music out there!!! a long time since i last made some MOD's. Maybe soon I'll do some more. Cheerio.

From: eldorado To: Saga Musix
01:58 on 26th August 2009

Saga Musix: :) a bit

Re: Born in 1732... you're old!!! :D

From: Saga Musix
14:19 on 20th August 2009
Saga Musix

Born in 1732... you're old!!! :D

From: eldorado
19:53 on 17th April 2009

i love myself :)

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