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My name is Robby Coker. I was born in Greenville, SC.

I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, hiking, and fashion.

I first got into composing music in late March 2009. When I first started, I did not know any music theory nor any musical concepts (for example, I did not even know what a chord was). I went only by ear and trial & error. I also had only my QWERTY keyboard to enter notes with.

I did not start getting really into music composition until July 2010. That month, I began teaching myself music theory. Not having this knowledge in my arsenal really limited what I could do. Once I began learning some basics, I started improving. By fall 2010, I got to a level where I could write a melodic song with a typical structure, though the styles that I could do were still limited. In March 2011, I got a MIDI keyboard controller and a DAW. I began improving even more, became proficient with scales and chords, and began more projects of other diverse styles of music.

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