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Hi. I'm FearsomeDragonfly, but here on TMA I'm also called TheMusicGuy. Long story short, I haven't always been consistent with my user names. Just know that if you're trying to find me elsewhere, look for FearsomeDragonfly, and if you find a mod that says it was made by TheMusicGuy, it may be one of mine.

I've been making modules since around 2002, meaning I've got about a decade of experience. (And yet there are still certain things I never learned how to do!) I compose mainly chiptunes based on the sound system of the NES, so I consider myself a specialist on that unique sound.

As of this writing I've created more than 100 modules, among which all but 10 were accepted into the archive. (Those that were rejected were either my first few crappy songs, too short, or got corrupted.) Some modules are just minor revisions to others, however. When you do the math I have a little over 90 original modules in the archive (assuming my most recent submissions gets accepted).

I release all my modules under the Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike license, meaning you can use them for any purpose as long as its not for profit. All I ask is that you give credit by linking back to my profile here on The Mod Archive.

Today I use mostly MilkyTracker and the .xm file format for my modules, but many years ago I used the closed-source version of ModPlug tracker (now called OpenMPT) and intermittently switched between .xm and .it. For this reason the majority of my module's are .xm's, with a few .it's mixed in.

Sometimes I mess around with FamiTracker. I have a handful of song "snippets" in it's proprietary .ftm format. However, if I ever come up with a song I really like, I usually port it to .xm so it can be playable by standard module players. I also sometimes create non-module music using niche music creation software like LMMS, though none of it has ever been released.

Despite all my background in module making, I'm not actually a professional in anything sound or music related. Believe it or not, I'm a Web Design/Development/Computer Graphics major, and my real work consists mostly of writing prose, writing code, and drawing pictures.

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From: FearsomeDragonfly To: Faith
12:14 on 9th August 2011

Faith: Hey, Faith. I appreciate the kind words and I'm glad you started listening. That track is actually the 2nd remix of a song I wrote long ago and revisit periodically. The original is called 0012_retro01.xm, but the 1st remix got corrupted...

Let me know if there are any other songs of mine that pique your interest!


Re: Hey! I just listened to Portal to the Past by random. I enjoyed it! I'm listening to more of your stuff. Thanks for being willing to share your work.

From: Faith
05:48 on 11th April 2011

Hey! I just listened to Portal to the Past by random. I enjoyed it! I'm listening to more of your stuff. Thanks for being willing to share your work.

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