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  • 27th August 2012
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I started composing music on the Commodore 64 in 88, and then on the Amiga 500/1200 in the 90ies. All modules come from my Amiga( exept last tunes made after 2000 with OpenModplug ). Octamed files are converted to xm files. High quality listening with OpenMPT - player settings : LOW Reverb + MIDDLE Pro-Logic Surround. Revered composer : Rob Hubbard. Go to listen to Nectarine radio. Enjoy !

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From: rockmonitor To: govatsapadam
11:33 on 27th May 2020

govatsapadam: Thanx for listening.

Re: Nice logo you have, and the music rocks :)

From: govatsapadam
07:31 on 10th May 2020

Nice logo you have, and the music rocks :)

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