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  • 31st October 2016
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Born 1988 in Norrköping, Sweden, now living in Tidaholm. Real name: Alexander Björk, member of the demo group iNSANE, composed videogame music for Cavelight Entertainment (defunct). I have created music for DeRail games earlier. Also started and ran a radio channel in tidaholm along with some friends.

Tools used for music production (booth hobby and professional):
Open Modplug Tracker
VST's and samples
Protracker win 32 (mainly used for listening on my amiga modules made in Open MPT to verify any mpt tricks that's not possible on the amiga)
Protracker 2.3E on my Amiga 600
Adobe audition (mixing, some recording)
Audacity (recording)
acoustic guitar
electric guitar
a mic for sampling sounds, voices and the acoustic guitar
a kazoo
Cakewalk by bandlab


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