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I am aged 54, a Taiwanese.

I am a hardware computer engineer, and remix some beautiful Chinese and Japanese MOD songs, and would like to share with the world. I used to make MOD's by using FT2 when I was producing GUS PnP for Gravis in 90s. Recently, I found Milkytracker is a FT2-like, so I decided to use my free time to pick MOD back.

I am not a musician, most of the songs were remixed from MIDI, but I did modify them to better.

Few Asian songs were made in MOD format, and I hope these MOD samples I made can inspire Asian musicians (Chinese/Taiwan/Japan/Korea) to put more of their MOD songs onto the internet. In China, there are 1.3 billion people, but few knows what MOD is.

If my MOD skill is not good, please forgive me. I am not a musician, and a 54 years old man is really nothing. I gave out many ViperMAX (GUS SB, 2-in-1) to young musicians in 90s, and I believe there are always, many talented people like you, can create awesome music to the world.

I had been working at Juarez Mexico for 2 years and 4 months (2010/4 - 2012/8), and now, I am working at Wuhan, China.

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From: PlasmaTitlan
07:31 on 16th July 2010

...and 51 is not nothing ^^... we are all young forever in music world ^^

From: PlasmaTitlan
07:30 on 16th July 2010

Your idea to show MODs that way is awesome!!! ^^ Thanks for sharing this great tracking experience!

From: Saga Musix
13:07 on 18th March 2010
Saga Musix

Thanks a lot for your huge contribution indeed! MOD music won't die! :)

From: TsanChungHsu To: Arne Puszelski
14:18 on 16th March 2010

Arne Puszelski: I want to thank all of you taking interest to keep MOD alive. Generous are all yours.

Re: I saw you payed over 500 euros to reach the goal. Wow, that is generous. Thank you very much!!!

From: Arne Puszelski
19:46 on 15th March 2010
Arne Puszelski

I saw you payed over 500 euros to reach the goal. Wow, that is generous. Thank you very much!!!

From: HyoChan
07:14 on 15th February 2010

I am happy to see another Asian MOD fan here on this page. I would myself, like to make my own versions of a few of these tunes. It's good to see someone giving these songs attention around the MOD community :)!

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