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  • 5th March 2010
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I am Lorrai Maxime (a.k.a. KurtZ). I'm a french digital week-end music composer.

I know that soundtrackers are the perfect tools for making (1) the nice groovy muzaks you'll hear on your nintendo console, or (2) house-music. Like everybody I've contributed to those genres, but also tried to make something coherent, darker, and sometimes willfully dramatic.

Equipment used : a simple computer with a simple chipset-based soundcard, Fast Tracker 2, and 8bit Lo-Fi free samples (maybe 16 bits for the drums).

! WARNING ! DO NOT PLAY THOSE TRACKS WITH THE JMOD JAVA PLAYER PROVIDED WITHIN THIS INTERFACE ( known bugs = awfull/inaccurate playback of my stereo glissandoes, note-off bugs, incorrect volume, no vibrato on some instruments, bug with note delays, some song positions randomly skipped...). Use MilkyTracker instead.

Sorry if I don't let tons of positive or negative comments or even rate more artists' works. When I want to express my respect I make a remix. When I believe that something can be improved : I make a remix.

Thanx for listening.

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