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  • 23rd June 2013
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Techno Jon

Well, since joining the Mod Archive, I've been writing music for a good three years (since Summer 2009 or earlier, I think.) Most of my older stuff is NOT good and will NOT be uploaded. Fortunately, my more recent stuff is much better, and so I'll make a small commitment to uploading anything worth uploading that does not use VST plugins/VSTis. Unfortunately, I'm a big fan of VSTis, and so I'm probably gonna have to leave out some of my best work :-/ But still, most of the music that does not use VSTs is rather good, and so you may enjoy it. From now on, all of the pieces I write that do not use VSTs will be uploaded here for you're enjoyment. So... enjoy! :-D

For the best of my music (professional), go to whytelytnin.co.cc or visit me on YouTube at youtube.com/user/technojon96!

- Techno Jon 6-15-11 11:37pm EST

"When in doubt, overdo it."
"Soarin' Over Space"
"With enough thrust, pigs fly just fine"

"The man who hath no music in himself, nor is not moved with the concord of sweet sounds, let no such man be trusted"
- William Shakespeare

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From: Roz
11:43 on 20th September 2014

Cheers for your comment and rating - they were much appreciated.

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