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Last 10 messages:
From: xAsh
07:39 on 14th June 2019

you're awesome dude

From: superpes
18:38 on 13th April 2017

Hi LHS, I'm from Italy.
I falled in love with your songs..... Especially I love RLD 11, it's really a masterpiece. How did you think to compose it??? You are a genius, thank for your chiptunes... You are the best!!!!

From: nvana
21:55 on 11th November 2016

Hello LHS,

Could you post lhs_rld10.xm for us please ? Love to play your XM mods on my Amiga 4000 :-)


From: kxmp
04:26 on 25th March 2016

Hope you post rld11, it's my favorite track :)

From: gaztech
11:19 on 27th August 2015

Hey, has ne1 got rld10? heard it once n the bloody tune is stuck in my head???

From: Viorel Boboc
08:22 on 1st May 2015
Viorel Boboc

Reloaded Installer music are just awesome.Hope you will post Rld Installer 10:)

From: Greg
21:18 on 22nd March 2014

Hello, I would like to use couple of your songs for my game Arkanoid, how can i contact you to talk about this.

From: Dark Rat
15:17 on 8th June 2013
Dark Rat

It's awesome you are uploading your tunes here, thank you! downloading right away (:

From: Drozerix
02:54 on 19th August 2012

hey man i love your tunes! how did you get so good at making them?

From: Borgert
18:03 on 10th February 2012

You rock!

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