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  • 2nd September 2011
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a.k.a. Steve Boland / Mr Kipling

Protracker mods

I wrote all of my original mods using ProTracker (various versions) on my Amiga during school breaktimes and evenings. School was a private boarding school and I had to smuggle my Amiga in and keep it hidden in a cupboard. My friends and I wrote computer games at the time and most music was written as titlescreen or level music for the games. When we didn't write music for games, we usually named mods after the teachers or staff :-)

As I was young and inexperienced, most of the mods I wrote at the time aren't very technically proficient! Also, I was slow in getting to grips with the internet in the 90s so I didn't get much experience of what others were writing.

Composers I work with: HEx, Kinetic

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