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I was introduced to MODs in 1996 by a friend in high school. Equipped with a MS-DOS 6.22 486x25 Packard Bell and a 2400bps modem I perused the local BBSes in search of good music--and I found it.

I also found the program "Modedit", learning the ins and outs of the format. But the world opened up when I discovered Fast Tracker II. I tracked from '96 thru mid '99. Here you will find a humble collection of music I made in my teenage years, that up until 2011 hasn't really found a home online anywhere.

Thanks to Dosbox and fast computers, I can use Fast Tracker II again, so maybe I'll pick it back up sometime. Or maybe I'll get Renoise...

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From: Beyond
22:26 on 1st April 2015

Hey you've got some good music. Hope you pick it up (don't get Renoise)

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