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  • 7th February 2014
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Katie Cadet (Formely MiaFan2010) is a ModArchive tracker since May 2012, and is one of the experienced internet users from Canada. She likes StarFlyers, My Little Pony, Sonic the Hedgehog, Nyan Cat, Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid, The Land Before Time, Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince and others. She is also a member of Scratch, ViewletCentral, ModArchive, BetaArchive, Vetusware, Tar Heel Reader, Equestrian Beats and her Local Public Library. She likes helping out with New Scratchers and she also likes to make Movies with Pinnacle Studio 8, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 PLUS and MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 PLUS. She also has a Mac Computer, Which is a Power Mac G4. On Scratch, She likes to make operating systems, apps, video conversions, electronics simulations, animations, music, soundboards and more! She also has a Website at http://miafan2010.weebly.com/.

My Tracking History:

2000: Back in 2000, (I was a young child back then where I had an old power-draining Windows 98SE computer.) I discovered some music modules from Jazz Jackrabbit 2. But it cannot be opened in any module player because they are J2B files to me back then.

2008: Around 2008, (I started getting to be an older child since I’ve upgraded to a new Windows XP SP2 Computer which is still power-draining at the time.) I found Music Studio 2000 by WinGear from Computer Supplyhouse (Formerly known as Refurb Computers). It came with ModPlug Tracker 1.06 and I decided that I wanted to track my own music until February 2009.

Early 2010: I moved to ModPlug Tracker 1.16 to support stereo samples, the latter was used in Schism Tracker, OpenMPT 1.17 and ChibiTracker at the time used the ModPlug code for stereo samples as of today.

Late 2010: A few months later, I started using OpenMPT. The version that I used in Late 2010 is 1.18.03, which kinda actually is the start of the compatibility exporting using Impulse Tracker 2.14 modules with stereo samples at the time of writing. Kudos to Saga Musix for this amazing tracker! I also got a laptop running Windows 7 64-BIT and loaded OpenMPT 1.19 on it in Early 2011.

Mid-2011: Still lightyears ahead, (now in my teen years!) I still used OpenMPT 1.19 with a few test builds on the side. This was actually the start of making better music with better samples by Me!

2012: I’ve joined the ModArchive in May 2012, and still, I’ve downloaded OpenMPT 1.20, which is a slightly fixed version of OpenMPT 1.19, but with plenty new features on the side as well! I also got a Mac mini in which I can run Schism Tracker and MilkyTracker too! I was using Mac OS X Mountain Lion at the time before I’ve upgraded to the latest version. This is the final goodbye of my old power-draining Windows XP SP2 desktop computer before I moved to a Mac.

2013: But times have changed, still in my teen years, I was using OpenMPT 1.22, which had a peak meter that I have not seen before to analyze the stereo sound coming out from 2-channels. And still keeping pace of better music! I’ve upgraded my Mac mini to Mac OS X Mavericks for improved performance of module playback.

2014: Now, there are remixes of my tunes from Meztli72 (Formerly known as TRIGGER), and I proved to be a great tracker that had a few remixes blown into them. I’m still using OpenMPT 1.23 this year and I still had my Mac mini always up and running since Late 2012. I started using ChibiTracker on my Windows 7 laptop now. I helped Saga Musix and manx fix the glitches for the new OpenMPT 1.23.04 which is coming out on June 2014. And that’s my tracking story for now!

UPDATE APRIL 26TH 2014: I got more of my modules back from my external hard drive! And I made some newer modules I created on my new Mac using MilkyTracker and Schism Tracker after it passes the screening process! Expect more soon! :D

UPDATE JUNE 1ST 2014: I’ve started using ChibiTracker on my Windows 7 Laptop now along with OpenMPT 1.23.03! Watch out for more mods coming your way! :D

UPDATE JULY 6TH 2014: New songs for July! Check them out! :D

Enjoy the music!

-Katie Cadet AKA SailorMoonFan, Canada.

P.S. I mostly do Electronica, mostly use OpenMPT, and mostly track in compressed IT214 format. Get it? :D

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Last 10 messages:
From: ASIKWUSpulse
22:44 on 16th May 2019

Hi! thanks for the comment of my tune that made it into the example songs of OpenMPT 1.28. I didn't knew it also had been put as one of schism-trackers demo songs :D. Only a note, which many probably has seen - the module isn't fully scream-tracker compatible as I didn't knew when composing it, only vxx can be in the volume-column, so there is some pxx here and there. Feel free to go ahead and make it a true .s3m if you want.

From: Vannah Fetil To: 春日世丸
09:25 on 5th April 2019
Vannah Fetil

春日世丸: Yomaru, you're not going back anymore to login either!

Re: Hi Katie Cadet, I'm back for my pleasure! Katie, may I suggest that, Are you still there when you making a video blogger the children's songs, stories, etc? Thanks! - Yomaru Kasuga (春日世丸) Greetings from Quezon City, Philippines.

From: 春日世丸
10:57 on 3rd April 2019

Hi Katie Cadet, I'm back for my pleasure!

Katie, may I suggest that,
Are you still there when you making a video blogger the children's songs, stories, etc?


- Yomaru Kasuga (春日世丸)
Greetings from Quezon City, Philippines.

From: Vannah Fetil
05:31 on 21st September 2018
Vannah Fetil

Hello there! :-)

From: Katie Cadet
19:45 on 21st March 2018
Katie Cadet

Don't Forget: If you have a YouTube account, you can also send comments and messages to the unofficial Katie Cadet YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UCQYlzl8hoeyFokbsXQKQ/discussion (P.S. You can call me "Your Friend" as I am not the owner of this YouTube channel, because she is my friend after all!)

From: clop
18:24 on 11th June 2017

I would love to see a 16-bit version of A True, True Friend be made in OpenMPT.

From: Katie Cadet To: Appels
03:30 on 18th August 2016
Katie Cadet

Appels: Thanks for the response! If I have the time, I can make more music! I might bring in more of my previously unreleased content available from my backup hard drive and improve some of them, but due to my time being on Scratch for the most part, I will not upload anymore music until I have the experience of OpenMPT to get back at it! Anyways, keep on remixing my tunes and I hope that ModArchive will be the best place for years to come! -KC

Re: Hi are you still tracking? I like the stuff you have done and I edited quite a few modules of you, I think it's time to remix :)

From: Appels
20:10 on 17th August 2016

Hi are you still tracking? I like the stuff you have done and I edited quite a few modules of you, I think it's time to remix :)

From: Meztli72
03:13 on 4th August 2014

Hi SailorMoonFan, thank you very much for your kind comments about my last remix ^^ It was made with the aim to revive lost dance tracks from a popular radio station from the 90s ^^

From: Katie Cadet
03:08 on 12th July 2014
Katie Cadet

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the delay! I've ripped some voice samples from the Starflyers Royal Jewel Rescue game, and you can find it here! Feel free to use them in your next tune!

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