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  • 28th July 2012
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Dj CrizZ

*not active anymore


Hi, im Dj CrizZ from former happy hardcore crew Ftrax.I started when i was 11-12 years old on my brothers 486.
The learning prosses was long and tedious because i never got to play around with ft2 for more then maybe 15-20 mins the few times my brother didnt use the computer.I've lost count on how many times i broke into my brothers room just to get my hands on ft2,only to get kicked out a few mins later when he came back from whatever :D.
It was'nt until 1998 when i got my first computer and a 56k modem(awesome!) that i finaly got the time to make music without interruptions :P. It was also when i found out just how big the tracking scene really was.
I only knew two people who used trackers at the time, so finding traxinspace.com & other scene sites was awesome.
I made music under the alias Dj CrizZ from 1994-2003 and it was mostly happyhardcore,i did try & mostly fail at alot of other styles like trance,drum&bass,celtic/fantasy .
From 2003 i started making chiptunes under the alias Funky Fish (i did a few chiptunes in 1999-2002)
Stopped making music entirely in 2006


The music i will realese here will mostly be old happy hardcore tracks that i did for ftrax 1999-2002.
My Dj CrizZ tracks havent been online since the traxinspace.com & ftrax days except for a few thats allready on modarchive & modulez.org and its why i have set up this profile in the first place.
Hope you enjoy my old tracks! :D

-Dj CrizZ- 2012

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