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Hey. You can call me Pinkie, or BFoP. I like chiptunes and VGM a LOT, like, stuff like that is my life. I make YTPMVs in any spare time that I have, my channels are www.youtube.com/brainfullofpony and www.youtube.com/fish1534 . YTPMVs are like covers of songs using long notes from TV shows n' stuff as instruments, if you know about chiptune stuff you'll get it when you watch it.

I want to make chiptunes but currently I can't compose very well, but I'm gonna try to brush up on it and try to make some stuff, maybe I'll post it here. I'm also trying to learn how to make YTPMV using trackers but right now I don't know how because I am stubid and suck.

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From: nilsding
18:36 on 5th June 2013

I did. For a time. Until I have closed my account so meh `\__/'

From: mea-tysev
13:16 on 4th June 2013

Thanks, but I already quit it.

From: qazxswedc
13:57 on 27th March 2013


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