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I have eight siblings. I like doodling and drawing cartoons, and Sonic the Hedgehog is my favorite comic. I like pizza, cheeseburgers, and chili dogs (which are also Sonic's favorite food). I do my work on a Windows XP laptop. I currently use OpenMPT (ModPlug Tracker); if there is a better free music tracker please let me know about it. I have NO IDEA what genre my music is, I just make it to my liking.

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From: Splatt Records
01:33 on 5th May 2013
Splatt Records

Maybe http://milkytracker.org/files/milkytracker-0.90.85-winnt.zip would be somewhat better. I don't know actually, but this one's the best alternative for FastTracker under anything more advanced than DOS :P

Thanks for your comment on my track ;)

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