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  • i Overall Reviewer Rating: 4.2 (from 1 reviews).
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Hey there! My name's Robyn. I love composing modules of all sorts.

My passion of modules started off with hearing the music of shareware games. I'd always rip the songs to listen to myself.

I am a huge fan of Soundtracker modules from the late 80s. I really enjoy the work of Amiga sceners from the 80s to late 90s.

I've composed music for games both commercial and hobbyist, my latest work being with OutOfTheBit on Full Void. If you'd like original music or perhaps want to use my existing modules please check out my portfolio! https://robyns.work/portfolio/

The software I use:
OpenMPT (Started on MPT 1.6)
Sekaiju (for MIDI)
Logic Pro
And.. more. I keep picking up new trackers

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Last 10 messages:
From: QMoney
01:02 on 10th March 2015

The Profile pic makes the music better;)

From: GenVox
15:46 on 5th November 2014

Hey, Robbi!
Commodore Trib - amazing beautiful chiptune!
*dance dance* :)
Say please, what your native country?

From: MicShazam
00:51 on 28th March 2014

No problem.
Keep at it! :)

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