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Hey! I'm c0d3r3d, known by my real name Aidan. I'm 15 (16 on November 30th!) and I'm happy to talk to anyone! I'm fairly new to the module scene, but I'm starting off with converting some NES tracks to IT.

I'm more of a computer scientist, but music production has always been in the back of my mind. My dad started me off with Dance eJay many, MANY years ago. Since then, I've always liked dropping into a music program every once in a while and fiddle around, even if it was only to play the demo songs. Just seeing the samples play where you put them just made me feel great inside. Eventually I moved on to MAGIX Music Maker, before a couple of friends pointed me towards modules.

Modules are just amazing. You can do so much with them and make amazing songs, like all of the songs on here!

I'm not entirely sure how often I'll be on here (I'll probably pop on every so often) but I'll be here!

My twitter's @cleanycloth. That's where I'm active the most.

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From: TRiGGER To: c0d3r3d
06:24 on 21st November 2016

c0d3r3d: You're welcome! ^^

Re: Thanks! C:

From: c0d3r3d To: TRiGGER
18:57 on 28th September 2015

TRiGGER: Thanks! C:

Re: Welcome to the Mod Archive! Also, modules, indeed, are the best! ^_^

00:06 on 25th September 2015

Welcome to the Mod Archive!
Also, modules, indeed, are the best! ^_^

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