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From: dand many more
18:30 on 13th November 2021
dand many more

Thank you :) That was my intention to create in that genre (regarding the track Justifier).
The dhtest.xm is an old track I made in 1997 that I haven't made time to finish. Glad you liked it.

From: Dj. Queso
02:03 on 22nd September 2021
Dj. Queso

Thanks for the review on the Life is a Bonus remix! :D

From: mpxvm
10:48 on 21st September 2021

FUMIX 165 is not perfect, I just realize that bass note is not stopping in the way that I was expecting but on that euphoric creation process I didn't saw the error ... there are some things to be noticed days later after release :)

From: Yalek W
18:43 on 6th September 2021
Yalek W

I also love your constructive review you left on my Eternal Sky!! Thx again!!

From: Bobibi
18:33 on 30th August 2021

Thanks for the positive feedback! :)

From: Dj. Queso
15:53 on 26th July 2021
Dj. Queso


Thanks for liking my Hauz1 song.

I appreciate it :D

From: Yalek W
19:35 on 30th May 2021
Yalek W

Hey!! I didnt see you reviewed my holidai 3! Thanks for the review I really appreciate it!!

From: mpxvm
08:24 on 3rd March 2021

I'm very excited to see how our new featured songs get shape and evolve, two minds at work are always better then single one :D

From: mpxvm
13:45 on 5th December 2020

Thanks for feedback adkd, is very flattering to get again an message from You, especially because you are a reference for me when comes the good and elaborated tracker songs in question :D

From: Looping
17:12 on 4th October 2020

Thanks For Your Opinion of My module application :)
I'm relatively new to modules

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