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No longer active here.

Thanks to fellow module creators for inspiration and to all of you who commented on my works <3

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From: Viraxor
12:01 on 27th December 2022

Goodbye, adkd. Thank you so much for supporting me when I was starting. Wish you the best.

From: Manical
23:43 on 26th December 2022

Sad to see you go, adkd. Hare Krishna and I hope we can talk again in the future :)

From: mpxvm
10:54 on 25th December 2022

Sad to read your last statement, at the same time I am very grateful for your contribution and for inspiring me with your track samples sets and great tracks. Hare Krishna!

From: dand many more
11:31 on 11th June 2022
dand many more

My most humble thanks to your rating on my track Little Star. Glad that you liked it. I might consider doing more 'ports' like that in the future. It was a really old Fruity Loops version (1.7.6.).
I really like the old versions charm though they are limited like no piano roll etc. Have a good day.

From: melcom
00:24 on 8th May 2022

Hey, adkd o/

Thanks for your comment and rating on my track: "Stroke". Thank you very much :)

Many greetings,

From: mpxvm
13:57 on 20th February 2022

it was challenging to reduce the original 185 version with 20 channels to minimal 4 chaneels version. I had to get rit of some channels and to mix with interpolate other channels. Of course, doesn't sound like a game mod, is just the format made for that :D

From: LooPeR231
23:55 on 18th February 2022

Thank you for your review on Connected Spirits!

From: The_Muzykant
17:57 on 23rd December 2021

Greetings. I'd like to thank you for your review on my Night Drive module :D

From: dand many more
18:30 on 13th November 2021
dand many more

Thank you :) That was my intention to create in that genre (regarding the track Justifier).
The dhtest.xm is an old track I made in 1997 that I haven't made time to finish. Glad you liked it.

From: Manical
02:03 on 22nd September 2021

Thanks for the review on the Life is a Bonus remix! :D

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