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Randy Monhollen, Also known as QantmRckr back in the .mod,.s3m,.xm days - I played bass guitar for Emerald Steel, Keli Raven, Destiny's Creed and Freelance. While in college in N. California fell in love with the complex and beautiful mod file music art-form and dabbled in a few creations. I ran a yahoo mod-ring page called: "Randy's Music Galaxy" showcasing some of the most dynamic amazing artists out there. I only published two tracks...

My 1st: Solar Winds (an experimental concept for a space odyssey). Note the unusual time signature depicting Order and Chaos. I may yet complete this track or completely rework it someday if I ever find the time.

My 2nd: Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata - 3rd Movement. I was completely obsessed with the virtuoso piece by Beethoven and decided I wouldn't be happy unless I encoded a video-gamesque version of it. I completed this in the ~Dec. 1999

I currently have 5 albums published at Purple Sky Studio and have partnered with Multifaros and Fabula Tenebris so far on a soundtrack for a video game under development. We are having trouble attaining funding due to lack of connections and the game development studio I'm trying to set up in Huntsville, Al. was blocked by the Angel investor gate-keepers. Hopefully we can open a studio one day and expedite the alpha release, otherwise the endeavor may take several more years of development in order to get to alpha release. I hope you enjoy my two modulation files.. they're not perfect but they are fun to listen to nonetheless IMHO.

Cheers and I miss the .mod file music scene very much. They got me through the solitude of my computer science and mathematics studies with wonderful musical companionship.

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