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  • 20th January 2019
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hi there!

stuff i've done with module music can be found here. im not a frequent poster

contact me on discord @ Asdfguy86#4749

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From: Modmen To: Drozerix
19:14 on 18th April 2019

Drozerix: regarding my problem i think im gonna invest in some bluetooth monitor headphones, theyre expensive as fuck but i wont have a need to get plugged in this shit no more.
that's what im gonna ask for my birthday. i hope theyr're worth it.fuck this shit.

Re: you own 12 computers!?

From: Modmen To: Drozerix
19:10 on 18th April 2019

Drozerix: fuck i own 3 - 2 laptops , one old desktop dual core and 2 lappos but fuck this new tech is absurd for being sensitive as fuck my son just managed to break my second pair of monitor headphones so now i have to waste more fckin cash on this shit.
1 lap headphone socket - broken
this second one - headphone socket - fuckin half broke not as bad as the first
at the moment im really pissed off and angry , it's not my sons fault he's just a child , i'm the fucking idiot for leaving it unnattended but this new new tech is fucking absurd mate , the only good thing is that it doesn't need any fans and it's completely silent like them old pentiums.
i had enough of this shit atm im pissed off tracking more acid techno with my fucking shitty sony dj headphones.

Re: you own 12 computers!?

From: Modmen
19:03 on 18th April 2019

yeah it was my first mod. thanks for listening.
i subbed another one not so long ago just waiting on da krew to release it.
doin' some more as we speak.
peace out many blessings.w
thank you.

From: DJ Dementonator
21:07 on 8th December 2018
DJ Dementonator

I just made a mod would you like to collab once it is uploaded?

From: Asdfguy86 To: Yomaru Kasuga
22:21 on 3rd April 2018

Yomaru Kasuga: I see, that is what I thought. Congratulations on the very large amount of comments or ratings for the 8 or so months you have been here!


From: Asdfguy86 To: Drozerix
17:10 on 20th October 2017

Drozerix: Yes I do! Heres all 12.
Acer Aspire ZC-606
Acer Aspire V5–431
Custom Built PC with MSI 785GTM-e45 board
Custom Built PC with DFI P2XLX board
Dell Precision 690
Dell Dimension 2400 (2.66GHz P4)
(no longer working) Dell Dimension 2400 (2.53GHz P4)
Dell Optiplex GX110
Dell Optiplex 755
(non-working) eMachines W3118
PowerMac G4 Mirrored Drive Doors (MDD)
(non-working) Radiant Systems P1520

Re: you own 12 computers!?

From: Drozerix
04:28 on 16th October 2017

you own 12 computers!?

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