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BEFORE YOU ASK, yes, RODENT-CAT *is* me. The reason I use "RODENT-CAT"/"ratcat" on here, is because RC is my etc project. Really anything goes with RC. If I'm gonna do something rock-ish or dance-ish, I'll use pnkmyo_ or synthyou_ !


Hiya ! I now go by "Pink Mayo", or "PnkMyo" these days. My name is Elizabeth Sunner, and I make things.
WEBSITE: https://pnkmyo.github.io/

I have several music projects.
My main project is Pink Mayo, which is something like electronic rock... Synthetic You is anything dance-y. Then, there's RODENT-CAT, which is what I post stuff to here under. (specifically "ratcat" because it sounds cool) ...RODENT-CAT is anything that doesn't fit into the other two. Experiments, too.

I also make youtube videos and stuff. Check out my channel, it's on my website in the "links" section. I'm an animator, I... I think. I do 2D animations, I do backgrounds and the frames and the stuff for it, as well as music, sound design, writing, and voice acting. It's pretty fun, if not a bit painful at times... ;n;


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