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  • i Modules in Archive: 161
  • i Overall Member Rating: 9 (from 76 comments).
  • i Overall Reviewer Rating: 10 (from 1 reviews).
  • i Total Downloads: 77346
  • i Stats Updated: 2021-01-26 05:10:32
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Psirius was spotlit on:

  • 5th March 2018
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Cyborg Name: Javier
Cyborg Creation Date: 05-01-1974 (Retro Date)
Integrated factory names: JPM, Psirius
Companies with which he collaborated: OZONE
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOjP5-OQ7Z46TETidxFtXZw

I was born in San Sebastián (Guipuzcoa), ((Spain)), and with 4 years we went to Béjar (Salamanca) to live, where I grew up my childhood and youth. I remember when I was 15 years old I was playing a few games at a friend's house with an amstram cpc, and although my family could never afford anything, as a gift we went to buy it. The vendor showed me the demo capability of an A500, and I automatically forgot about the Amstram forever (with all due respect) and there it all started, making some awful module to start with. Some time later on a vacation to Barcelona, ​​leafing through an Amiga World magazine, a boy approached me (Mat!) And explained all the information about partys and what was done because in Béjar, being a rather large town, it was that. , a town where these things were unknown. I was included in the group as one more musician and I went 3 years in a row to the Euskal Party (3, 4, 5 edition), and although I had more pain than glory as a musician, I had a great time ...

... I'm back! I moved to Gijón, and I can finally breathe...

Psirius's messages

Last 10 messages:
From: Maran Project
09:14 on 6th January 2021
Maran Project

Happy New Year Psirius! Fun fact, I did FUMIX 091 yesterday in few hours, it is actually based on FUMIX 010 but with new set of kicks, bass and FXs samples. The focus was at the beginning more on drums, I had use 3 kind of kicks on 5 different channels, arpeggio from channel 21 was a nice creative accident :D

From: adkd
12:15 on 19th March 2020

Thanks for your nice music!

From: Iamaplayer33
14:13 on 14th March 2020

You have a series of a world of dreams songs on your profile, but a world of dreams 1 and 5 are not on your profile.

From: DrJacKo
18:04 on 26th December 2019

Ty for rating my song General Chaos 4! :D

From: TMC
11:34 on 6th August 2019

Hello Psirius. Thanks for your rating on my song "somewhere" and for your compliment about the melody of the song. I am sorry for not having achieved better. I didn't want to destroy the experience people have with my song. Your have a very good hearing which I lack.

From: Helguli
12:46 on 12th June 2019

Thanks for the rating. I've been listening to your tracks, I like them. :)

From: ASIKWUSpulse
15:06 on 5th June 2019


Thank you for your ratings. I just must say Your recent tunes doesn't sound bad either, especially Colors Gravitating :D.

From: Psirius To: Iamaplayer33
13:38 on 18th May 2019

Iamaplayer33: Hello! You proposal is not anything bad. I had planned to in the future make some version of some that stand out a little. I had not thought of that, but I will as you say and you liked it. I just hope that the creative activity down a bit. I don't promise you anything, but you pick up the message. Thank you for being there!

Re: I really liked the changes you made to sweet paradise, like adding precussion. It would be nice if you could update other songs like darkness forest please.

From: Iamaplayer33
22:26 on 17th May 2019

I really liked the changes you made to sweet paradise, like adding precussion. It would be nice if you could update other songs like darkness forest please.

From: 春日世丸 To: Psirius
09:21 on 2nd April 2019

Psirius: Psirius, It's me, Yomaru Kasuga!

Re: Welcome again, **************!!! I am unable to write your new name...:)

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