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XSM (of Loneranger)
Xtra spice mikey. The notorious mod baker and pt1210 DJ.
Obviously you're aware of the award winning amiga demogroup Loneranger, well I'm the owner of it.
Nothing but the baadest, sickest, lit'ist fuckin jungle, d'n'b, trap and speed garage you muppets! I hope I murder all that shit chiptune and doskpop kicking around.
Started on MED & OctaMED on the Amiga500/1200 at a young age (age 10 or 11). Grew up, went to music college, started messing around with software on PC (MED Soundstudio, Reason, Renoise and a whole bunch of other stuff) got a part time job and started getting into buy hardware samplers and synths. Then had a sudden urge to go back to my roots with my trusty A1200. Back to the OctaMEDs. Recently (last year or 2) started getting into the whole Protracker game. My music is Jungle, Jungle Techno & anything else I fancy that is breakbeat led.

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