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Hi guys, Yalek here.

Having over 7 years of tracking experience and wish to make myself known hopefully.

Please take note, I do not upload much on a daily basis because I am still starting out anew in this targeted field. Modules may take from 2 days to a year (yes, a year) depending on circumstances and such, as I am busy doing a lot of things for a lot of people.

Whoever has a Discord should be able to reach me by typing into their DM's "Yalek the Lembine#0391." Note: This is only for music purposes and related such.

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From: Yalek W
06:48 on 7th December 2022
Yalek W

I wanted to address the misinformation that was provided for the module "In no way". The actual title is Dimension. Dimension 7, which will be uploaded monetarily, is the follow up song for Dimension. The reason for the renaming is because I didnt like the name "In no way".

From: govatsapadam
18:53 on 7th September 2021

You're welcome. And thanks for the nice ambient music! :)

From: Yalek W To: Yalek W
00:23 on 2nd November 2020
Yalek W

Yalek W: If for some reason some of my modules have wrong and misleading info, Its because I forgot to change each song message before completion time. The actual title is what you need to look at, including each module.


From: Yalek W
05:49 on 8th December 2019
Yalek W

Current oopdate status: My apologies if I have not been here in over a year, I have been busy with life. Work, Discord, etc. Chores. You get the picture.

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