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I used to write OctaMED songs on an Amiga 500+ with an A590 sidecar drive from 1994 to 1995, about that time i would have been about at least 14 years old... every afternoon i was on making music in the sun outside of my own room window at home and creation of new musical styles. it's a splendid way to go!
But sadly, as things got old so did the regard for the archival of all that old work i authored so long ago; such as was.

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From: Retrojawa81
12:54 on 15th October 2018

On the first week of my sign up i'm pleased to mention that I recently stumbled upon some widely numbered music files out of abandoned ISO CD archives i situated on my local PC drives from archive.org. may take a lot of time before i've uploaded what tunes already haven't been.

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