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Hi, I'm Melody Ayres-Griffiths. I started making .MODs on an Atari ST around 1993 releasing them as Admiral Skuttlebutt up until 1995 and Melodia thereafter, and kept on making them (and then XM files) up until around 2000.

Most of my music was released through the art pack group Mistigris, the most notorious of which was probably the Bells of Yule Music Disk. I still release music through Mistigris art packs, but they're MP3 files now.

Some of my music ended up in the WebTV / MSNTV set-top boxes and tortured literally millions while they waited for them to connect.

You can check out my newer music at https://soundcloud.com/xennial/

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From: melodia
23:23 on 31st October 2022

I recently found a bunch of my old MOD files I thought I had lost forever on the Amiga Music Preservation site, so deep thanks to whoever uploaded them there!

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