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Hello all. I'm TeGeKi (Real name is Tom)also known as "-I.M.P.U.L.S.E-" on my Tracker files.

B a c k s t o r y o r s o m e t h i n g .
"I was born in Finland in a city called Kotka and i still live here to this very day. I've had a huge enthusiasm for music production and when i found out about trackers and modules, the people that got me into the tracker thing in general was...
LAPFOXTRAX//Halley Labs and My Dad (J-P).
I love making music with MPT, it's completely different that anything i've tried.
My dad used to be in the Amiga Demoscene and create music with ProTracker with his A500. Sadly he hasn't used the computer since :(
But i wanted to continue from where my dad left off, because it feels important to me.
Thanks for reading this i guess :P."

Bandcamp (I release compilations and mixes and tracks here but less than usual.)

"If you wanna talk or discuss anything, hit me up here :P"

Discord: TEGEKiTE#9829
Twitter: @iangamerig
FA: T_Thomas_A

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01:56 on 31st July 2019

Hi, this is my first message here :)

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