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  • 26th August 2019
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generic greeting phrase.
im a IDM connoisseur and i listen to Squarepusher, AFX, Autechre and many other IDM producers. i mainly specialize in the drill and bass subgenre, mostly inspired by Bogdan Raczynski


Discord: vite#8593
Steam: HelloDragons
Youtube: vite

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From: ASIKWUSpulse
23:06 on 16th June 2019

Oh should've checked the module-description. But don't worry, I think it isn't that easy to claim ownership. It has to be verified to an operator I think?

From: ASIKWUSpulse
23:03 on 16th June 2019

If wito has an account, he can claim ownership on the at the bottom of the page. Then you both show up as the module artist.

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