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My tracking career is quite unremarkable. If you search for my name on modarchive, you will get a sampling of some of my creations from 2001 and 2002. Apart from maybe a tune called City Moon and a chiptune A Trip To The Netherlands, they offer a bucket of cringe and range from cheesy to banal. In my defense, these were some of my first attempts at music and I was really inexperienced. I switched away from trackers in early 2003.

Interested to try tracked music again, this time with some knowledge under my belt, I am now producing minimal house using ModPlug Tracker. This is not a typical choice, as the tracking scene has a clear preference for melodic music and trance. So, I might be one of the pioneers here :)
My new releases:
Twizzy II

Occasionally participate in demoparties. Twice won 1st place in the video compo. Music written for the Deadline demoparty, including links to award winning videos:
Deadline EP

Outside of tracking and demoscene:

I am somewhat known in the ambient circles:
project "droning

I have also begun working on minimal house about 2-3 years ago. Find my current productions here:
berlin songbook

Other than that, I live in Berlin and am thinking of doing video reviews of mod music.

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