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Hello, BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, mah name is ITZIRONGOOLIM, REEEEEEEEEEEEEE, ok jokes aside. my name is ItzIronGolem. i make chiptunes and chipcovers. im really not that bad but i try my best. the chiptunes i make are, well... chiptunes. the software i use is OpenMPT. the other software i use to make FTM/NSF chiptunes is FamiTracker. so this is my profile. enjoy. or not.

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From: ItzIronGolem
03:37 on 8th June 2020

my Beird cover is out! :D

From: ItzIronGolem
21:00 on 3rd June 2020

my Oh Klahoma cover is out! :)

From: ItzIronGolem
23:21 on 11th May 2020

i now upload my ftm files at 2a03 now! http://2a03.free.fr/?p=usr#up

From: ItzIronGolem
02:14 on 11th May 2020

im doing mod requests, people. just tell me the name of the song and i will tell you if its good. 8)

From: ItzIronGolem
01:18 on 11th May 2020

Just a person who makes chipmusic and stuff. So...
thx for listening to my chipstuff.

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