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  • 31st July 2020
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Hi, this is Mel O´Dee. I cannot remember all the groups i have been in. I guess it has been Next, Shadows, Dual Crew Shining (DCS), Rebels and Animators !?
Nowadays you can find my work at https://www.melodee.de/

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Last 10 messages:
From: Virgill
15:47 on 26th December 2020

Your mods rocked back then, and still do!

From: govatsapadam
16:46 on 22nd September 2020

Thanks for some awesome chips man!:)

From: Saga Musix
22:16 on 27th July 2020
Saga Musix

Welcome back! I took the liberty and assigned all your songs that already were on the archive to your artist profile.

From: MelODee
17:21 on 27th July 2020

Hi, this is Mel O´Dee DCS. I left the scence more than 25 years ago. You can have a listen to my actual works at https://www.melodee.de/

Do not hesitate to contact me for professional voice over artists, royalty free music or music licensing of my modules. Furhtermore i do have a soundeffectslibrary consisting of more than 300.000 soundeffects at my fingertips for your games, animations and films. Best, Heiko

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