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♫ Old School Plm ♫

♫ OldSchool.Plm@gmail.com

♫ .Xm songs mostly, some .it

♫ SOme of these XM Songs are ~almost~ done but not really done yet; I figured someone might have a laugh or even have a different music taste than me and enjoy them. Should have them all finished probably by 2021. Thanks for hopefully understanding, if not please skip through them I hope you find one you like; I wanted to sharea them in the state they are in right now though. I'm sure that lots of musicians go through this. I frequently on about a 5 month basis update all my songs and expect by this time next year, around 2021, hopefully we will have something uploaded that's more skilled and put together better. None of our music is as coherent as I would like it to be.

♫ Our band is really exited about having some chip tunes on the Mod Archive. We love to make house music, chiptunes, and have been posting on varioius websites while learning these chiptune programs over the last year. We use

♫ Famitracker, Modplug Tracker, Protrekkr, MilkyTracker, and Audacity to edit samples. We make house music with Caustic for Android. Please feel free to email us anytime to our band email for questions.


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From: OldSchool Plm To: D322MW
08:46 on 23rd November 2020
OldSchool Plm

D322MW: THanks We're really exited to be on Modarchive.org

Re: Hey, I love your chiptune tracks! It reminds me of a few video games from the 90's. Keep up the good work! :)

From: D322MW
02:27 on 23rd November 2020

Hey, I love your chiptune tracks! It reminds me of a few video games from the 90's. Keep up the good work! :)

From: OldSchool Plm
18:56 on 3rd November 2020
OldSchool Plm


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