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Hello! You can call me thebelovedmoon.

I am new to tracker music, but I have been planning to release them for months. My group--The Moon/La Luna--has been coordinating with me with making some music together with the help of our contacts--most notably Emmannuel Ortega.

The music comprises of mostly musical covers from most music in a not-so-sophisticated form (if I can get the term right). But in most cases, chip music. Also trying out synths for a change of tone.

Filename references are as follows (updated 22 mar 2021):

belovedmoon/thebelovedmoon - The modules are my homemade compositions.
followthemoon/seguilaluna - The modules are composed for La Luna.
LunaSynth - The modules (separate from the DAW ones) are composed for my personal artist label, named after Luna--one of the characters in DOAXVV.

You can follow me on these pages:


Segui la Luna, perditi nelle tue tracce.


Learn more about LunaSynth:

LunaSynth on #MamaNyoSquad
Bandcamp (under construction)


Yearning [Cover] can now be listened on our SoundCloud via this link! We'll be uploading the module file here soon. Alternatively, you can listen to the short rendition of the same equivalent here: Yearning

We may also play some of the modules here in this archive through Katherine's Test Streams!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What program did you use to make these?
A: OpenMPT.

Q: What about when playing modules?
A: Native TMA player, OpenMPT (not libopenmpt tho, but in the editor), and ZXTune.

Q: What are the instruments you've used throughout the modules?
A: Mostly random soundfonts we found on the internet, but another would be Philharmonia instruments that Emmannuel suggests. If talking of samples, most are hand-made (chip).

Q: Can you make other music aside from covers as well?
A: We can, but it will take me time to finish it... Maybe in a week or three.

Q: How are most of your file size so big?
A: I can convert the samples to 8-bit to reduce the file size, but the problem is that I have to do it one by one. Currently OpenMPT doesn't support converting to 8-bit and 16-bit at once--unlike normalizing the samples. Furthermore, converting them to 8-bit may also degrade the audio clarity, but I'm looking for ways to get around that threshold.

Q: Bad Apple!!! When?
A: Soon ;)

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