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Hello :)
I'm 15 (2022), born in 2007
King_Wing34 is a nickname for me on the internet, it can be weird, but now cause everyone knows me by that name, I will just keep it,
you may ask, why 34? welp, I guess its close to 32 and multiply that by 2 and you get 68 that is close to 64? I don't know... I just like it and it fits me in a way.... and also 3 + 4 is 7
and thats a good number :D
I'm not really a music composer(I have other hobby's that I'm better at), but I like this kind of music, so I try to make some, but then I just really don't know how to make good sounding music.... the reason is, I want my music to not be similar to any music, I want mine to be very different, but sound real good at the same time, so I just try to think of different rhythms and different beats.... and I never think of anything good, maybe some day I will find a tune, I may just have to use beats that are more popular.. that others use... I do hope I will be able to make good sounding music that others will be able to enjoy..
If your wondering why I made a song called "LRLR"
it was just so I could have something that I made on the Modarchive, SOMETHING.....
unfortunately its terrible, and its rated 3 stars (I agree). I wish it could be removed, or that I would have never uploaded it in the first place.
(why "LRLR", cause it makes sound on the left and on the right, lol)
Good news!, currently working on something that sounds good! I hope others will enjoy it when finished!
you can contact me 2 ways:
on discord: King_Wing34#7372
on gmail: kingwingdragon@gmail.com

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From: King_Wing34 To: Yalek W
16:24 on 2nd January 2022

Yalek W: lol,
btw, I updated "profile"... if you want to see

Re: SDR buddy. Lol.

From: Yalek W
22:39 on 13th August 2021
Yalek W

SDR buddy. Lol.

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