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  • 14th January 2024
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Musician for 4 years. Intermediate in C#, VBS, HTML coding languages. Many styles of music, different genres of music, many sound chips.


Started fiddling around with my dad's guitar at a very young age which ultimately led me to music. I got my first guitar on Christmas when I was 7. That was the start of my music "career". I started doing various things, such as church bands and even jamming out with my upstairs neighbor. The neighbor was in a small band doing gigs around town and at one point even asked me to join them for a gig down the street in a local bar/grill.

I messed around with a little program/website called "Soundation" which was an online music maker. I wasn't very good at it so I quit it. But later on, I found FL Studio, which was the start of my online music. Then my friend introduced me to the single-handedly most greatest thing that's happened: TRACKERS.

My first look at trackers sounded almost like this: "What the hell is this?". My friend proceeded to go on about the thing. I had no idea what he was saying. But he gave me some samples and I made my first song in trackers. As expected, it sounded.... shit. I watched some tutorials on it and I made a decently sounding song.

Looking back on it now, it is definitely a great thing that has impacted my musical career in many ways. I've even been invited to a few demogroups, some ran by veterans of the demoscene such as E$G of Hokuto Force, which was the leader of Italian Bad Boys. It's definitely been a long journey and I plan on continuing that journey.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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From: Newtined
04:03 on 4th September 2023

hi dude! thanks for the sub and support on my yt page.

From: govatsapadam
10:42 on 27th July 2021

Thanks bro! I appreciated :)

From: Manical To: The_Muzykant
20:02 on 23rd July 2021

The_Muzykant: Thanks for replying!

That was a really good remix :D

Re: Hello there! Thanks for your review on my Guitar Slinger remix! :) Really appreciate it!

From: The_Muzykant
05:01 on 23rd July 2021

Hello there! Thanks for your review on my Guitar Slinger remix! :) Really appreciate it!

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