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This is Dj. Floppas new account :D

He made a new one because

1. He wanted to turn over a new leaf, get a new chance to not upload garbage xD

2. He used to upload whatever he made, which made it to where LOTS of the music was very bad, and he wanted it to all be at least average :D

His favorite artists:

Dr. Vector



Maran Project


Top Favorite Tunes

Aryx - Karsten Koch
Let The Beat Flow - The Music Makers
M-M-Music - Dr. Vector
Auto Rock - Dr. Vector
House my kolsch up - cTrix

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From: Syntax Productions To: mpxvm
04:11 on 22nd September 2021
Syntax Productions

mpxvm: alright cool! sorry for the late reply, havent been on TMA for a bit lol

Re: Thanks for the comment, we can do a collab any time :D

From: mpxvm
00:09 on 4th September 2021

Thanks for the comment,
we can do a collab any time :D

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